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Allan Kardec Doctrinal Society of New York  (AKDS) is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit Organization established in 1990. The purpose for which the corporation was formed is to demonstrate that the everyday living of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the objective to be reached by humankind.  To this end we promote the methodic and systemic study of Spiritism as codified by Allan Kardec in its triple aspect: scientific, philosophic and religious.


Our motto is “without charity, there is no salvation”, inspiring all to turn compassion into action.


AKDS promotes and organizes activities of social and philanthropic assistance to benefit all who need it in our community including several charities in Brazil, among them: Mansão do Caminho (Mansion of the Way), in the State of Bahia, with the goal of social improvement through education and moral awareness and bringing information to the community on societal and psychological issues without losing sight of the moral transformation that must come as the basis for spiritual growth.

AKDS promotes the dissemination of Spiritism through its active Center, an appropriate meeting place for its activities in Long Island City, New York, holding study groups; distributing and publishing spiritist literature; maintaining a spiritist library of hundreds of titles in Portuguese, English and Spanish; video library and showings of spiritist speeches; lectures of local and international speakers.


AKDS holds prayer meetings and offers psychosomatic therapy sessions; helps through the grieving period of those dealing with the disincarnation of loved ones; lends an ear to those needing to share their burden with a loving friend, offering solutions where possible or referring to professionals otherwise.


Spiritism has a fundamental mission among human beings, the inner renewal of each individual, furnishing explanations of our destinies, reason through which many concepts are restored or corrected, so consciences may be enlightened and hearts may be consoled.


Allan Kardec, the eminent Codifier of Spiritism, says it best: "Whoever has meditated upon Spiritism and its consequences, and circumscribes it not to the production of a few phenomena, comprehends that it opens to humanity a new way, and unrolls to it infinite horizons. By initiating it into the mysteries of the invisible world, it shows to it its true role in creation, a perpetually active one, as well to the spiritual state as to the corporeal one. Man marches blindly no more. He knows from whence he came, where he is going, and why he is on the earth. The future show its reality to him, disencumbered of ignorance, prejudice, and superstition. It is no more a vague hope. It is a palpable truth, as certain to him as the succession of day and night. He knows that his being is not limited to a few instants of an ephemeral existence; that the spiritual life is not interrupted by death; that he has already lived, that he will live again, and that of all he has acquired in perfect by labor nothing has been lost."   


The monetary support for our programs come from charitable donations and fund raising campaigns.  We invite you to join us with your tax-deductible contributions to the Allan Kardec Doctrinal Society of New York to continue to lend a helping hand to all in our community.


Community extends beyond measurable marks and the improvement of one is a light that shines upon the whole.



God Bless.

Meeting every Mondays at 6:30 PM

Study of Spirits' Book and The Gospel Explained by The Spiritist Doctrine


144. How does the soul separate from the body?

The disengagement is accomplished gradually. The specific amount of time it takes varies according to the individual and the circumstances of his or her death. The ties that unite the soul to the body are gradually weakened. This process takes much more slowly when the life was materialistic and sensual.

From the book: “Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy”

157. Is a human destiny in the afterlife irrevocably fixed after death?

The notion of one’s fate in the afterlife is irrevocably sealed is the absolute antithesis of God’s justice and goodness, because, in addition to the severely retarded, primitive people, and children who die without fully experiencing life, there are many who are unable to achieve sufficient spiritual progress during earthly existence. Isn’t it a demonstration of God’s compassion that we are given the allowance and the opportunity to do tomorrow what we were unable to complete today?

If the soul’s destiny were irrevocably fixed after death, humans wouldn’t die at different ages and God would allow everyone the time necessary to produce the greatest amount of good and to repair the wrong they may have done. Who knows whether the criminal who dies at the age of thirty might have become a good man had he lived to be sixty? If one accepts the notion of Divine Justice, the difference in people’s life spans and moral conditions proves the impossibility of the soul’s destiny being irrevocably fixed after death.

From the book: “Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy”

Good News!

The Spirits’ Book: now in Chinese

Dear Friend,

Luchnos is happy to announce the release of 灵性之书, the Chinese version of The Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec, translated by Wallace Gu with the assistance of E.G. Dutra.

Although China represents almost 20% of the world population, up until now, not a single Spiritist work had been translated to Chinese. Over a year ago we initiated a project to produce versions of Allan Kardec’s works in Chinese. The Chinese translation of The Spirits’ Book is the first result of this project.

Besides representing an immense audience with almost 1.4 billion people, the Chinese are in many ways a natural public for Spiritist ideas. The religious traditions of China—Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism—all hold reincarnation as a central tenet, for instance.

In addition, the resurgence of Christianity in the past few decades may very well indicate that China will have the largest Christian population within a decade or so.

The rise of Christianity combined with the belief in reincarnation makes Spiritism a natural fit for many Chinese.

The Chinese version of The Spirits’ Book can be found at online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or directly at our distributor’s website (at a special discount), Send inquiries to to ask about our volume discounts.


《灵性之书》,作者—亚兰·卡甸 中文版

Luchnos很高兴宣布,在E.G. Dutra的协助下,Wallace Gu翻译的由亚兰·卡甸所著的《灵性之书》的中文版正式发布。






这本书的中文版可以在亚马逊(和巴诺(等网上书店找到,也可以直接在我们经销商的网站 上找到。有关批量折扣,请咨询

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